Sunday, August 31, 2008

I have random guilty pleasures...

...and the one on the top of my list, is definetely browsing the online Kitson boutique. I always look forward to summer. After dressing myself in layers, and more layers as the temperature drops throughout the year, I desperately await the coming of May when I can finally brave myself outside in something like a tee. So by the time the middle of the summer comes, I suddenly want the cold and am sick of dressing lightly every day. Now that school is starting in less than 2 days...I want to do nothing else but purchase summery things. Sunglasses in fact. So here are some pics that I found on For the ones of you who still have a vacation to jet off to, or say live somewhere warm where the sun is always blazing, and jackets are a necessity-here's the yummiest of the yum in the eyewear department.

The ones that topped my list as soon as I saw them were the Balenciaga Green Edition Sunglasses. Made in Italy and priced at $345

My second selection came in the form of Emilio Pucci Black 135 Sunglasses. Made in Italy and priced at $365. I can completely picture myself in the back of a motorcycle, with these, a leather jacket and a bad-boy. Wait...I don't date bad boys.

My third choice brought me back to my days lazily lounging on the beach, checking out the cute, shirtless, preppy boys just mere feet away from me. Ah, bliss. Miu Miu Smu60G Sunglasses are priced at $185

Daddy dearest, please put me on a first-class bound plane and send me back to where I was just a month ago (L)

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LaCouturier said...

those sunglasses are soo fab! =)