Friday, August 22, 2008

Advance Planning- A guilty pleasure.

For someone who loves to dress up, shop for cute party dresses, go to dances and parties, I've never really celebrated my birthday. The last huge bash I can remember was when I was 8 years old, and my mom decided everyone should wear princessy dresses and threw me a 30 plus people party. I mean really- 30 plus people for an 8 year old? What was she thinking? Obviously a lot since that day, because ever since then she's put a large X on huge parties. Must have been all that squealing...and the mess she had to clean up afterwards.
When I say I don't celebrate don't get me wrong - I do SOMETHING. I mean I get presents just like the next girl, and was even fashioned with a gorgeous diamond ring for this year's birthday in March. However, other than my mom, dad, grandma and my best friend (who's like a sister) noone else was present at that dinner table in the restaurant. And for some reason- that was the best birthday of my life, because I was with the people that matter most to me :). Okay, before I start tearing up, lets move on. My next birthday is a good 6 months away, but somehow I can't help but sneaking pictures at cute birthday party dresses and lavish cakes. I mean 6 months do go by fast........
Unfortunately, I was born In March- which basically means its disgusting, snowy and cold. Summery party dresses? Big NO for that situation. Although If my birthday was in the summer, I wouldn't mind this cute...
Bella Dress from Guess.Bow-topping with floral lattice work at the bottom makes this a fun, feminine frock. In chic black and white, this dress has adjustable straps, with elastic under and at bust. Empire waist. Strapless.

And I've decided that after years of CAKES, this upcoming birthday, I want none other than a CUPCAKE Cake just as cute and girly as Maria Sharapova's.

Mommy dearest I hope you're reading- because this is the cake my little heart desires (L).

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