Thursday, August 28, 2008

We're not done travelling yet...

Continuing of on my previous post below about last-minute glam vacations, comes this post.

-Stay at the fun and colourful St. Tropez hotel Byblos and feel like a star. Reported vacationers include Kate Moss, Diddy, and the place where Brigitte Bardot used to stay at. It's not exactly known as a place of peace and quiet, but you can get that at home alone.

-You could book yourself a suite at the Hyatt or you could pay $101 a ngiht and stay in a "vision machine". The vision depends on which room you check into at the PROPELLER ISLAND CITY LODGE ( in Berlin. And, no, breakfast is not included. The morbidly inclined would love "Gruft", which features coffin beds-singles of course. Those who have seen The Silence of the Lambs once too often will naturally be attracted to the "Two Lions" suite, furnished with beds in two ornate cages elevated 1.5 meters off the carpeted floor. The borderline psychopath will love the green leather upholstery of "Padded Cell", while the certifiable unstable might be biased toward "Flying Bed", with its sharply slanted floor. Designed and built by artist and musician Lars Stroschen, makes your night stay feel like "living in a work of art".

-What does it feel like to go to sleep with the Eiffel Tower sparkling through your windows? Or wake up in a glowing, all-orange room? Hotels like the Everland ( -a groovy 60's vibe crash pad currently bolted onto the roof of the Palais de Tokyo contemporary arts center will give you all those thrills!

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