Friday, September 26, 2008

Lets satisfy our cravings

I know I've been gone, for forever, but I've been busy, and sick really. Now that I can actually get out of bed, without falling over, and now that I don't have a fever, I can actually get down to blogging. I have an hour or so, before my piles of homework await me, so let's make the best of it.

The hottest, the latest, and the soon will be gone- for those of you who reside in New York. Check out Frock's second pop-up store in Soho during a three-day event featuring designer vintage clothing and accessories from Alaia, Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, Lanvin, Thierry Mugler, and more. 129 Prince St., nr. Wooster St.; 11–8. September 26-September 28

The latest in jewellery finds, that I am absolutely in love with, that is totally cute and affordable. Juicy Couture's Pave Wing Wish Necklace. Winging it—a feathered amulet to make your wishes come true.14-karat gold plate. Pavé rhinestone wing pendant. Crown insets. Lobster clasp; adjustable length. And for the price of only $48 dollars (U.S.A) it totally won't make you regret buying it. Pick up your's at Neiman Marcus.

The sweetest for your little someone, come these adorable children's accessories for the girly girls in them all. Since I am only a highschool student, and I don't have kids (Thank god!) I'll stick to encouraging myself and my mom to buy these for my favourite little girl's ( my mom's friend's daughter's) next birthday. These are the Juicy Couture Crown Bank ($45), Cupcake Bank ($45), and Gumball Machine ($55). On second thought, I may consider the Cupcake Bank for all the spare change I have for myself. Get yours at Neiman Marcus.

I know this is turning into an Excruciatingly long Juicy Couture post, but for those of us, who are in school, and don't want to wear our boots around inside- come these adorable Juicy sneakers to kick back in. Titled the "Daphne Sneaker" and sold for the price of $85, they're probably the cheapest WOMEN's Size shoe this company sells. You can choose pink/ivory or offwhite/black for your shoe, and there are plenty of various sizes. Made of canvas, with a rubber sole, and lace up front. Pick up your pair at Neiman Marcus.

Marc by Marc Jacobs is definetely, a designer who has fun creations, cute ones, and they're actually really affordable once they're on sale. For those of you who reside in L.A. or New York, Barneys Online has a sale like always, with Marc Jacobs at the top of the list. The Marc by Marc Jacobs yellow polka dot Top ($59, marked down from $130) caught my eye the first. Who cares if summer is already over, and fall is here? You can wear this underwraps outside, and out of wraps, once you come inside.

The Marc by Marc Jacobs Dr. Q Delancy Tote, caught my eye second, in the colours of midnight and black ($489, marked down from $690). Perfect for toting around those extras, that come with the fall weather.
'Tis the season for dark colours, or at least Lauren Conrad from The Hills, has influenced many teenagers around me, to don the darkest of the dark shades. A quick stop at Sephora, proved that there are many scrumptious colours out there. Following the couture trend of course.

The first colour Dior Vernis- Mystic Violine ($19) is a shimmering, golden-bronze, nail colour.

The second colour NARS Midnight Express-Navy Blue ($16) is exactly, what it says- a navy blue colour.

Buy them, wear them, when the season is done, throw them out.

Halloween is only a month away, and with everyone talking about their costumes for the various parties and dances, I can't help but think about mine. I was contemplating going as a sexy version of Little Red Riding Hood, but after spotting Lauren Conrad's Sailor Girl Costume online, I may just reconsider.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Lauren Conrad: Closet full of gorgeous bags.

I am a true devoted watcher of The Hills. Sure I don't drop everything every monday night, to catch a new episode, but I do watch it before the new one airs. The Hills seems to be having the same old, same old, drama lately, but that doesn't stop me from keeping Lauren Conrad on the top of my list of favourite dressed celebrities. Who knew her bag selections were so delicious too?

My top favourite bag that's been seen toted around by Lauren Conrad is the Rebecca Minkoff Wine Nikki. The cost of this bag is $600 and can be purchased on the designer's website.
The next one is a black D&G bag with chunky hardware and a chain. For a cost of $990, this bag can be your's after one quick click to

The next bag of hers that I absolutely love is the CC Skye Lucy Bag. It's glamorous, large enough to fit in all your essentials, and just right as a carry on for all those adventures that surely await us in life. It's priced at $795 and can be found on

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fashion Week Gossip

Straight from the sidelines of fashion week's hottest and best designers, comes the listing of those who walked the most, and those who walked the least.

1. Karlie Kloss Kloss clomped down 30 runways this week, including 3.1 phillip lim, Vera Wang, and Narciso Rodriguez. While Tyra Banks may be mocking her walk, designers are loving it. She closed Marc by Marc Jacobs, opened Carolina Herrera, and scored both spots at Doo.Ri.
2. Jourdan Dunn won the conspicuous honor of being one of the few diverse models in an otherwise very white season. The London-born model walked twenty shows, including Marc Jacobs, Vera Wang, Zac Posen, and Proenza Schouler. Though she didn’t open or close any catwalks, Dunn did buck an unsettling trend of paler and paler models. Let’s hope more designers catch on.
3. Ali Stephens Yes, we know Stephens appeared in only one show, but that was her good call. For her first New York Fashion Week booking, she declined over 30 offers to instead open Calvin Klein. Avoiding overexposure, this chocolate-cake-eating, MTV-watching eleventh-grader has us eager for more of her long-legged walk in London.
4. Irina Kulikova Last year’s button-nosed winner couldn’t hold her No. 1 spot this time around. But it’s not for lack of trying — she walked in 22 shows. The pale Russian’s highlights this week were opening Marc Jacobs and Donna Karan and closing Peter Som and Proenza Schouler.
5. Abbey Lee Walking in 29 shows would be a triumph for any girl. However, Lee turned even more heads debuting in New York with a pierced nose and nipple and a Lauren Hutton–esque gap tooth. The 20-year-old Australian racked up spots at Oscar de la Renta, Halston, and in her week’s shining moment, closed Rodarte. Model fanatics may just have found their irreverent beauty icon in the otherwise rather timid, tepid, and teenage-catwalker climate.
6. Olga Sherer While her flame-colored hair caught attention all week long, Sherer’s boldest move was closing Ralph Lauren. As Lauren usually saves that spot for campaign girls, we have to wonder if an advertising contract is on the way. If not, she’ll surely be seeing some action from one of the other 25 designers she walked for.
7. Suvi Koponen Koponen received a little model-to-model blessing early in the week, scoring the last spot at Alexander Wang, a show styled by Erin Wasson. She went on the walk in 23 more, including opening Carolina Herrera, closing DKNY, and doing both honors at Hervé Léger.
8. Heidi Mount In a week when most of America was only focused on one blonde Heidi (Klum and her Project Runway finale), the sleepy-eyed Mount managed to make us notice another. Of the 24 runways she sashayed down, she opened three (Rodarte, Nicole Miller, Ohne Titel) and closed one (Costello Tagliapietra). Mount’s our second Salt Lake City native (after Ali Stephens) on the list, and we’re starting to be thankful we didn’t spend our awkward high-school years in Utah.
9. Anabela Belikova Opening Marc by Marc Jacobs nearly secured her a spot on the list by itself, but closing Preen and Richard Chai cemented her placement. After a grueling twenty-show week, we were shocked to see the Russian still smiling into the weekend.
10. Magdalena Frackowiak Frackowiak was on our Models to Watch list this year, and, after hitting seventeen shows (including Ralph Lauren and Marc Jacobs), we expect to keep seeing her. This Polish model opened Thakoon and Tommy Hilfiger and closed Malo and J. Mendel, boosting her momentum as she heads to European castings.

New York Fashion Week: Victoria Beckham?

Since when does Victoria Beckham design clothes? Clearly I've been behind the fashion news, because Mrs. Beckham launched her first fashion collection at New York Fashion week which she based on her own personal style. There's only 10 styles in the whole collection, and prices range from 600 euros to a hefty 1900 euros. Personally, I wouldn't be caught dead with anything that has the label "Victoria Beckham" on it, but after seeing her lovely designs- I might reconsider.

Made in luxury fabrics such as silk organza, silk crepe, gazar, taffeta, wool stretch and fine cottons, in a subdued colour palette of black, navy, cream, cobalt and flesh-tone, each dress is cut, seamed and contoured to within an inch of its hourglass life and features a long pink-gilt zip snaking straight down the centre-back seam . She wanted to ensure that every woman that wears this dress has great posture and looks great from every angle.
The dresses come in sizes 6-14 and are suitable for all ages. Her look is very prim, with things mainly ending at the knee, but at the same time they are very girly and sophisticated.

The collection is being made in London with a small atelier staff of less than five people.Only 400 examples of the entire collection will be sold worldwide and will be available from February. It will be called the Spring/ Summer collection. Victoria Beckham says that she based her designs on 40's and 50's inspirations.

Friday, September 5, 2008

They always do it right

I am one of those people, that still watches The Hills religiously every Monday night, even though I know that the rumours that they are actually "scripted" are probably true. That's why they make their acting skills look so bad...

Anyways, I watch Gossip Girl because I am absolutely captivated by the show, the gossip, the fashion and the drama. I watch The Hills, well not to see which "I am dieing for my 10 minutes of fame" guy LC is dating now, but rather to see what she and Whitney ( my second favourite) on the show are wearing. Last Monday's episode brought us some interesting fashion selections.

Here's what I love from episode 4X03 "Better of as friends"

The first thing I found online that I was absolutely in love with was the Marc by Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Mag Bag. Whitney carried a similar bag like this. You can buy it off It would be a perfect travel bag, because it seems like it would fit enough copies of VOGUE, ELLE, TEENVOGUE, FRENCHVOGUE and the latest chicklit novels.

The second item was the Red Bow Target headband. Of course, our very-well off Whitney didn't wear a TARGET ( I can just hear LC gasping) headband, but she did wear one similar to this one. The cute bow, the bright colour, I am already dieing over this perfect piece to compliment my sometimes "full black" wardrobe.

The third item from episode 4X02 is the Gucci Moonlight Evening Bag that you can purchase from Neiman Marcus. Lauren carried a similar Gucci Clutch. I am usually not a big fan of plastic, but the cute bow totally tips me off. Pick yours up at Neiman Marcus.

The fourth item from episode 4xo2 was the Primp New Strap Ocean Panther Tank that Lauren wore before getting ready for Stephanie's Birthday party. Cute, fun, and totally "throw on over your bikini" bound, it's making me confused about the $74 price tag. Pick yours up at

The fifth item from episode 4x01 were the Steve Madden Shicago Sandals that Lo wore. They are very summery, and making me regret ever fishing for fall. Would look perfectly cute and casual with a pair of jean shorts. Pick yours up at
Those were my few definite favourites for now, but I'll keep adding as the season goes on!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The highschool days, the sleepless nights

Highschool is supposed to be a journey to your direct path to success. It's supposed to be the most enjoyable four years of your life, with many memories (both good or bad) and "remember whens". They are the days when you made new friends, hopefully no enemies and reaches all your ultimate goals.. how come noone writes that highschool is full of homework?

I am one of the lucky 1400 students who attend a High School with a special program. We can finish work early, finish our courses early, get extra free days to catch up and most of all work at our own pace. We can also get more than 30 credits that Canada requires, and have a much better chance of getting into all the top Unis, with 34, 36, 38 credits.

The reason why I'm about to mention my hiatus for a few weeks.
I am one of the few select crazy, mentally unstable, insane people, who's pulling 38 credits, when really there is enough time blocks and years for 30. Which basically means? I should be doing my math homework right about now, while I'm typing this, because I have a test I am bound to fail.

I have to catch up on all the work, watch some Hills, and celebrate my best friend/"sister's" birthday.
And then I'll be back. Once I finish this math course, get into the next one and make myself exteremely proud :D!