Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Comforts of the South

With less than two weeks, left before school, college, or university, everyone deserves a last-minute, much needed vacation.

The three top hot-spots to visit are: South of France, South of the Border, and South America

Nothing will make you feel better than an escape to the South of France. Bring your smallest bikini, your biggest sunglasses and enjoy tanning on the beach while you sip away to delicious cocktails. Make sure to not leave your home without these carry-one essentials: a pair of slip-on shoes for transition through security, a dark eye mask to help you sleep through the flight, and a big, warm, scarf that could also work as a blanket.

Heading down to the South of the Border is the perfect way to make everyone in your family unite and come together. Play in the sun during the day and shop your way through all the hidden-treasure stores you can't find back home. Don't leave home without your beach necesseties: an insulated water bottle to keep hydrated, gossipy magazines and a zip-lock bag for wet items.

It doesn't matter if your hiking of backpacking your way through South America, or staying in gorgeous hotels. Don't leave home without your money-pouch necessities: copies of all documents and passports (send a virtual copy to your email account, too), film or digital cards, and earplugs ( if you're staying in hostels).

Fun and safe travelling to all!

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