Thursday, August 28, 2008

Marc Jacobs Special Things

After browsing the Marc Jacobs website, looking for a cute bag to add to my birthday wishlist, I stumbled upon the wonderful selection of Marc Jacobs Special Things. I think I won't be adding that bag to my wishlist anymore- instead I'll add these cute and affordable treats.

-Shiny Quilted Bowler in Red Quilted PU- $66

-Faux Fur Leopard Clutch-$39

-Jacobs Basket Weave Tote in Yellow Polyester/PVC-$19

-Marc Jacobs Heart Compact in Plastic Gold -$5

-Quilted Satin Evening Bag in Black Satin and Coated PU- $35

Why, why, why, why, can't we have a Marc Jacobs boutique in Canada!?

1 comment:

LaCouturier said...

aww =( i got the yellow basket weave tote last week in ny! =) i'm sure there's places where you could order them...or...just take a trip down to nyc! =)

& thanks for your sweet comment! i just linked you! =)