Thursday, August 21, 2008

On my mind today...

So, today was a fairly boring day. No really, it was. The summer is slowly ( actually more like quickly) coming to an end, and with less than two weeks to go till school starts I am both annoyed, scared and excited. I'm annoyed, because I definetely didn't get to accomplish everything I planned this summer. Sure I visited a gorgeous island, spend time with my best friend, friends, tanned (obviously not enough-or it just faded away quickly), shopped and had fun. But nothing TOO EXCITING or dramatic happened. And isn't that what summer is all about? I am scared because our admissions offices at school has once again messed up my schedule, and given me the completely wrong courses, I'm hoping with classes with at least some of my friends, and I am not looking forward to the homework load. Lastly, I am excited beyond belief to see the friends I didn't have a chance to write into my busy summer or simply due to the fact that both our schedules didn't meet. I am also excited for the premiere of Gossip Girl, and for another preppy year in my life. I am NOT excited to see how many incoming freshmen decide to incorporate the "Hi, I am a Blair Waldorf wannabe" look. Oh well, they'll learn their own fashion sense eventually." I am also very excited to be starting dance again, after quitting on a whim in late May. I quit- because I couldn't take the pressure anymore, or maybe I just got tired of doing nothing but school, dance, school, dance. Who knows, but either way I am going back. The perk to this, is not only am I going to be going back to dance outside of school; but I am also taking a dance course IN SCHOOL. Fantastic, right? All these thoughts about dance, have caused me to buy new jazz shoes and new ballet shoes, even though my old ones were in perfect condition. Oh well, one can never have too many.....

I am also in love with the candy coloured dance Body suits that are sold at H&M. They are organic, and for the lovely price of around $30, won't make me guilty for buying two. Mental note to self- add to shopping list.
Follow the link above, if you want to check out the lovely bodysuit yourself :).

I am also loving the look of "above the knee, high waist" black skirts for fall. Add some tights, a cute pair of mary-janes ( the only pair of shoes that are non-heel that I can force myself to wear) OR a pair of heels, and you've got the ultimate preppy, and keep yourself cozy look. However, I am strongly doubting anyone would understand what I was wearing -in a school where TNA sweatpants and LULU yoga pants are all the rage. Well, I shouldn't be lying to you- I wear my occassional ( okay not so occasional ) pair of lulu pants myself. What's a girl gotta do, when she has tons of homework, is deprived of sleep and that cozy spot against the wall on the floor amongst her best friends is looking very great, but skirt un-friendly? I should definetely be getting bonus points for braving it up in heels though. Yes, bonus points for moi!

Aldoshoes has a new fall collection, that is simple but cute, and would fit into just about anyone's wardrobe. Feel free to check out online or visit one of their retail shops.

I can see the sun setting....and it's very disappointing. Why must summer only be 2 months long!?

Tina of eau de couture

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