Friday, August 22, 2008

Intuition is my new found love (L)

I just found the greatest thing on earth. Click on it, go to it, fly to it, anything- if you haven't seen the website or the store itself yet. Considering I don't live in L.A, or anywhere EVEN REMOTELY CLOSE to it- I'm going to have to satisfy myself with their online catalog.

After a good hour of browsing, drooling and " OH I WISH I COULD GO THERE AND BUY THIS" I decided the following two items made my crave-worthy and good-steal priced list!

1. Spare Soles Flats in Silver (on sale for $ 25.00)Shoes are skid resistant & H2O proof, and each pair comes with a 4.5 inchx4.5 inch (handbag ready) pouch with a wrist strap. And the best part of all, they are cute, comfy-looking and oh-so-glamorous. Hmm, I wonder if i could talk my dance teacher into letting me substitute these for my Bloch Ballet Shoes.
2. Ettika Single Circle Bracelete in Red ($ 35). A hammered gold bead is anchored by leather knots on this funky piece. I think the bright colour attracted me to this adorable bracelet, but it would definetely give a punch to any outfit all year round.

Mental note to self: Book trip to L.A. as soon as possible.

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