Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The owner and creater of Eau De Couture

Hello everyone and fellow bloggers!

My name is Tina. Well actually, my middle name is Tina. But since I prefer my middle name to my first name-this is the one I`m going to use on this blog. Why did i create a blog, you may wonder. Somewhere amongst all the time I spend on school, my after-school activities (I am a high school student), spending time with my friends, and practically calling Starbucks my second home, I still have time left over on my hands. Or maybe this is because it`s still Summer, and the back-to-school anticipation is absolutely killing me.

To give you a better look into my life. I am a girl who loves to dance, and although will never become a prima-ballerina, feels better nowhere else except in her tights and dance shoes. I love fashion and I would much appreciate if the people in the High school world learned what fashion is. It seems like everyone thinks wearing Abercrombie & Fitch, Uggs, and Hollister makes them immedietly the most fashionable people in the world. What happened to pencil skirts, high heels, cute tees, scarves, fashionable bags and the world of designer brand names. Clearly it died, along with people`s love for anything other than well- doing absolutely nothing.

I adore languages. No, this doesn`t mean I spend 90 percent of my life reading about various languages of learning the histories of different countries. Actually, I abhor history. I do however, love the 5 languages I speak, write and read in. French is absolutely the sexiest language in this world and France definetely tops my list of most fashionable countries in the world. Love it or hate it- it`s definetely my opinion.

That`s the inside on me-expect a year of posts all about fashion and the gossip you crave.

Tina of Eau De Couture

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