Thursday, September 4, 2008

The highschool days, the sleepless nights

Highschool is supposed to be a journey to your direct path to success. It's supposed to be the most enjoyable four years of your life, with many memories (both good or bad) and "remember whens". They are the days when you made new friends, hopefully no enemies and reaches all your ultimate goals.. how come noone writes that highschool is full of homework?

I am one of the lucky 1400 students who attend a High School with a special program. We can finish work early, finish our courses early, get extra free days to catch up and most of all work at our own pace. We can also get more than 30 credits that Canada requires, and have a much better chance of getting into all the top Unis, with 34, 36, 38 credits.

The reason why I'm about to mention my hiatus for a few weeks.
I am one of the few select crazy, mentally unstable, insane people, who's pulling 38 credits, when really there is enough time blocks and years for 30. Which basically means? I should be doing my math homework right about now, while I'm typing this, because I have a test I am bound to fail.

I have to catch up on all the work, watch some Hills, and celebrate my best friend/"sister's" birthday.
And then I'll be back. Once I finish this math course, get into the next one and make myself exteremely proud :D!


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